PASSBER is a start-up that focused on digitize memberships (

四月 18, 2017 in Media

PASSBER is a start-up that focused on digitize memberships (

Passber is a start-up that focused on digitize memberships;

Now organizations can register their members via online and collect membership’ payments online within one centralized system. This will help lesser the burden from organizations currently taking membership payment from bank deposit or cheque. It also remove memberships physical registration form and repetitive manual membership procedures.

PASSBER Co-Founder Andy Leung pointed out, currently most Hong Kong non-profit or other clubs / associations still using excel form to store their membership profile data. Also the rest of the membership data does not stick with their members’ profile and most often all these disconnected membership information are processed by the organization’s secretary. When the secretary leave the organization, not a single person will know how to access existing membership information quickly or effectively.

Mr. Leung continue to point out, PASSBER started to digitize membership into a system two years ago by turning membership profile into digital form. With a single click of a button, all the membership background information which including past events, payments, membership status or any other extra information can be seen in one simple page.

There are currently over 10k various kind of membership profiles have been upgraded and processed by PASSBER Membership Automation. For organizations who used PASSBER Membership Automation have quadrupled the amount activities or events over their previous year.

PASSBER currently charge non-profit or small size organizations roughly between 30k to 50k Hong Kong Dollars, as for much larger organization, it will cost them roughly 400k Hong Kong Dollars.